Using Reclaimed Wood In Your Home

Posted by John Paul Roggenkamp on 9:11 AM on February 7, 2017

All across America, wooden barns and timber houses are coming down. One of the hottest home improvement trends of the past few years has been to give the planks and beams from these old structures new life inside the home. Over generations of steady use, wooden pieces tend to get dented and bruised. To showcase their natural beauty and add to your home’s unique charm, you can stain reclaimed wooden items before installation using a clear finish. In addition, by choosing to use salvaged wood, you keep a part of America’s architectural heritage from ending up in a landfill.

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6 Remodeling Trends in 2017

Posted by John Paul Roggenkamp on 9:03 AM on February 2, 2017

This year promises to be a great one for home improvement. From tiled kitchen backsplashes to the return of wooden accents, make 2017 your year for turning your remodeling dreams into reality. The following are some of the hottest remodeling trends this year.

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9 Home Improvement Projects You Probably Shouldn't DIY

Posted by Kevin Li on 8:59 AM on January 3, 2017

Often times, people believe that they can save a lot of money by completing home improvement projects on their own, instead of hiring an expert contractor.

However, there are some exceptions where it might be better if you hire someone specialized in the area to deal with the issue. Here are 9 home improvement and remodeling projects you shouldn’t DIY:

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How Can I Stay Motivated During My Next Remodeling Project?

Posted by Jessica Ting on 9:01 AM on December 1, 2016

You’re spending all of your time scrolling through before-and-after photos of other people’s home remodeling projects on sites like Houzz and the websites of remodeling companies. Your dinner table conversation is dominated with talk about what you want your dream home to look like. During your commutes to work, you daydream about getting to enjoy your new home remodel with your loved ones.

Starting a new home remodeling project can be a very exciting time.

But as the initial thrill of selecting your designs wears off and other responsibilities in your life start calling, how do you stay motivated to see your remodeling project from start to finish?

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Expectations Versus Reality: Home Remodeling Edition

Posted by Jessica Ting on 9:00 AM on November 1, 2016

When you flip through before and after photos of remodeling projects, it’s really easy to get caught up in the excitement and glamour of the dramatic changes without failing to realize the cost and effort that went into creating the amazing remodel.  

Remodeling projects can be extremely rewarding, but it’s important to calibrate your expectations before launching a new home remodeling project. Here are some things to keep in mind when remodeling:

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What Can You Do With Your Unfinished Basement?

Posted by Jessica Ting on 10:00 AM on October 6, 2016

Is your unfinished basement just wasting space right now in your home? Finishing your basement is an amazing way to add some extra square footage to your home, without having to spend as much money building an addition to the house.

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Bring the Outdoors In!

Posted by Jessica Ting on 9:15 AM on September 20, 2016

As a professional home remodeling company, we are constantly learning about the newest home design trends in the area. One of the latest trends we’ve discovered is integrating the interior and exterior of the home.

By creating a natural transition from the outside of your home to the interior, you can create an atmosphere where the home feels very natural in the location it is situated in.

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Your Home Remodel Digital Toolkit

Posted by Jessica Ting on 5:34 PM on July 31, 2016

Thinking of remodeling your house? Although it can be a daunting process, we’re here to make it easier for you with this digital toolkit. We’ve compiled a list of resources to help make your dream home a reality!

  • Owens Corning Design EyeQ: You can use this visualization software to digitally create the exterior of your dream home. After uploading a photo of your house, you can adjust the colors and styles of the roofing, masonry, siding, trim and more! After you finish your design, you can even print it out and show your contractor what you want your final product to look like!
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A Step-By-Step Guide to Make Your Bathroom Squeaky Clean

Posted by Jessica Ting on 12:18 AM on June 10, 2016

You step into your bathroom first thing after you wake up in order to freshen up and ready yourself for the day ahead. You get into your pristine shower and the warm water from your shower head envelops your body. After a quick shower, you wrap yourself in a towel and step onto your fuzzy bath mat. Then, you lean over your glistening sink to brush your teeth and wash your face. Right before you leave the bathroom, you quickly glance at your reflection in the spotless, streak-free mirror before getting on with the rest of your day.

Now take a second to imagine the same scenario above, but this time, visualize your bathroom with hair clogged in the shower drain, soap scum caked all over the sink counter, and mold growing on the sides of the bathtub. Ick! I’m guessing you’d like to prevent that disgusting mental image from becoming a reality.


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Printable Checklist - Bathroom Cleaning Guide

Posted by Jessica Ting on 11:59 PM on June 9, 2016
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