6 Remodeling Trends in 2017

Posted by John Paul Roggenkamp on 9:03 AM on February 2, 2017

KitchenRemodel1.jpgThis year promises to be a great one for home improvement. From tiled kitchen backsplashes to the return of wooden accents, make 2017 your year for turning your remodeling dreams into reality. The following are some of the hottest remodeling trends this year.


1. Built-In Bars: Kitchens are where we make food, and eat it. Why not drink there, too? Many homeowners are tricking out their kitchens with bars - and the barstools to go with them. Whether hosting a fancy dinner party or just having a few people over, your friends will love to belly up while you serve up burgers.

portugal-1881889_640.jpg2. Miles Of Tiles: A backsplash keeps water from the sink off of the wall behind. It looks great and makes cleanups easier. This year, unlock the true beauty of your kitchen with a patch of well-placed tiles. Simple geometric patterns and bold colors are 2017’s more popular choices.

3. Stand-Alone Bathtubs: Few things conjure up romantic passions like sitting in a warm bath in the middle of the room. Whether it’s an old-fashioned model with cast-iron feet or a newer edition complete with water-jet massage, a stand-alone bathtub is the way to go. Bring color and utility to the open spaces between the tub and rest of the room using flowers displays, soap dishes, and other such niceties.

4. Wood - Wood Everywhere! Used for centuries to cover the outside of your home, wood is finding new life within, too. Whether it’s an entire wall of reclaimed barnwood paneling or some blonde planks that bring texture to an overlooked corner, a few bits of wood add character to any space that lacks it.

Basements-3.jpg5. Finished Basements (& Attics): Before adding to your home, try improving the spaces that are already there. Turn your basement into a man-cave or kid’s play area by putting down a proper floor. Then, insulate and finish the foundation walls to make a comfortable space in which to relax or play.

6. Eco-Friendly Materials: Improving the home doesn’t have to harm the environment. Sustainable materials such as bamboo and wood-scraps repurposed from the lumber industry are changing the way we Americans build and remodel. When buying construction materials, choose locally-sourced items over those trucked in from far away.

These trends promise to make 2017 a year to celebrate. Contact your local construction or remodeling specialist to discuss your home improvement options. At AROCON Design-Build, we specialize in working with homeowners like you to create your dream home.

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