Why Choose Us? 

AROCON Design-Build is a full service contractor. We take on the whole garage project so that you don't have to hire 5 or 6 companies to handle your project. We take care of everything, from design and permit acquisition all the way to the installation of the garage doors and trims, so you can sit back and watch us build. 



Building a Garage with AROCON Design-Build

Whether it's an attached or detached garage that you are looking to build, we can make it happen. Our consultants closely monitor building restriction lines and other potential setbacks so that the planning phase can go as smoothly as possible. Then we work on getting the needed permits and building your garage. You can either choose your garage design from one of our options, or you can give us a photograph or design to work with. We strive to be the company that you can trust when it comes to building your new garage.


Our Process

At AROCON Design-Build, we firmly believe that a successful project requires open communication between our team of installers and the customer. We will check in with you throughout the whole project so that you always know what is going on and can add your input at any step of the process. By the time our team of installers show up to your home, they will know exactly what you want the final project to look like. Our crew leaders oversee the entire project from start-to-finish to make sure that no details are neglected and you are satisfied with your new garage!


Our Satisfied Customers

Over half of our business comes from repeat customers or word of mouth referrals. We want you to be proud of the work that we do and show it off to your friends!

"We used AROCON which gave the best offer in terms of cost and quality. We have not been disappointed with this choice. Their work is top-notch and beyond reproach. They hire employees or a series of subcontractors, each of whom are experts in their field and do magnificent work. AROCON, even more than the members of my family, would not tolerate any imperfections. For example, the floor was power-washed to remove paint and dirt stains from the construction stages. The molding or trim bulged a bit in two areas, and this they repaired before requiring the final payoff. We are extremely happy with all they have done and recommend them heartily."

David Z.  |  Slver Spring, MD


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