Phase One: Partnering with ADB

At AROCON Design-Build, we want to help you build your dream space with the highest quality possible. Our relationship starts with trust. We will answer all of your tough questions honestly so that you can make informed decisions. Our Consultants are well-trained to conceptualize your thoughts and vision into a beautiful space for you to use and enjoy. 



Phase Two: Designing Your Dream Space

  For every project there is a design, be it simple or complex. We specialize in taking rough ideas and forming a design that will WOW you. Our Team of Architects, Engineers and Designers create designs to fit your budget requirements so that you know what to expect from the start. Pick your size, show us your space, tell us your taste and we will partner with you to make your dream a reality.



Phase Three: Materials Selection

For every personal taste, there is a practical material to match it. Our Material Specialists will guide you through the process of getting special order items to acheive the look and utility that you want for your home. Tell us what best fits your style and preferences and let us offer product suggestions to meet the design and budget goals of the project.


Phase Four: Building Your Dream Space

Trust… Check…

  • Design… Check…

  • Material Selections… Check…

    • Now let's build. Our Installers are highly skilled and extremely detailed. Our project managers oversee the entire building process from start to finish so that no detail is left unnoticed. Communication is KEY when dealing with problems, issues, improvements, and alterations. Our contractors are trained to anticipate problems in advance. Our Crew Leaders are trained to handle any concerns that may arise so that the project can flow as seamlessly as possible. 




Phase Five: Walkthrough of Finished Space

We have multiple walkthroughs on the project for two reasons: Quality Control and Changes. Because you may change your mind on a component of the design, we are always flexible. For certain projects, we have walkthroughs after the main sections, including the framing layout, tile layout, and lighting, are completed to catch problems before they occur. During the final walkthrough, we walk you through the finished project to show you how everything works, give you the warranty manuals and instructions, and to have you sign the completion certificate. If there are additional items that are needed, then we will take the steps to rectify or remedy them after the final walkthrough.


Phase Six: Review of Your Time with ADB

  • There will be ups and downs in construction projects; after all we are most likely tearing apart a portion of your home and putting it back together. We want all projects to go smoothly, but in the event that something goes wrong, we are confident that we will figure it out and fix it. We will communicate with you throughout the entire process. We often feature our completed projects with timeline photos so that you can see your space come together. We want to part ways knowing that our clients love our work and will come back to us for more help when they need it!


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